Meet Coach Teem Partosa

“Hello! I am Isiah Teem A. Partosa, a health and fitness professional with a passion for helping people become stronger and healthier, and gain more energy, power and mobility than they first thought possible.

My enthusiasm for sports and fitness started from childhood, playing basketball and football at school, then boxing and Muay Thai as a teenager. I lifted weights in high school to develop strength and power for my favorite sport of basketball, eventually reaching varsity level and competing in inter-school leagues.

I became a registered nurse in 2008-2009 and worked long hours as an operating room staff nurse. Still, I made time for gym, basketball, boxing and Muay Thai after work. These helped me manage stress and boosted my energy. I encouraged my friends and co-workers to join me, and trained them free of charge – I loved what I was doing!

After two years, I decided to build a career in the fitness industry as a coach. It was a risky move to a competitive field, but I had a strong sense of purpose. I worked with gyms affiliated with international chains, and quickly built my client base. I was in my element! I loved getting to know my clients and helping them reach their fitness goals. Of course, things did not come easy; as a junior coach, I had to prove myself to senior colleagues, as well as to my parents who had misgivings about my career shift.

Obstacles and difficulties fueled my motivation to progress as a coach. I attended seminars and earned certifications to upscale my skills. Eventually, I got promoted to be a fitness manager. This role brought more clarity to my mission; my passion to help clients was equaled by my desire to motivate my coaches become the best they can be.

My change journey continues. Eight years after joining the fitness industry, I took up graduate studies in the University of the Philippines-Diliman College of Human Kinetics. I gained my second degree, Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science, in 2019. Alongside these milestones, I formed Motion Fit in 2017 with a team of dedicated fitness professionals to touch and transform clients’ lives through fitness and wellbeing.

As journeys go, there are times when things seem easy, and when much effort is needed to overcome hurdles. I have learned that to pursue a mission, a leap of faith is sometimes necessary. Along the way, I have met colleagues, teachers and mentors who shared their knowledge generously. Most importantly, I continue to draw strength from the love of God and my family.

I want to help you discover the strength and stamina that a guided fitness journey can open for your life. If you’re not very sure yet, don’t worry. Sometimes that proverbial leap is disguised as one simple step of making a call. Let’s chat!

Keep on Moving!


Coach Teem
Head Coach and Founder, Motion Fit