Our Vision

To be recognized as a center of fitness excellence delivering a holistic, well-researched and collaborative approach in our fitness and wellness programs, that result in transformed lives for our clients and a functionally stronger, healthier community in which we live.

Our Mission

To help people achieve their fitness goals by providing the best possible fitness solutions that develop and strengthen movement, for a healthy and active lifestyle, better performance, and enhanced quality of life.

Core Values

    • Compassion – We listen to understand our clients’ needs to deliver high-quality service at all times.
    • Excellence – We deliver services of great quality and value that answer your needs best by constantly setting high standards for ourselves and our work.
    • Integrity – We honor our commitment to those we serve.
    • Teamwork – We work cohesively, treating each other with trust and respect to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.
    • Innovation – We are constantly learning and developing new ideas to create value for our customers.

What's in our Logo?

Created by Motion Fit’s founder, Coach Isiah Teem A. Partosa, these different elements combine to stand for the passion, power, and purpose of Motion Fit:

  • The running man represents Motion Fit’s clients, moving forward to achieve their fitness and performance goals
  • The human body and speed lines represent strength and conditioning, athletic performance, and functional movement training
  • The circles correspond to physical therapy and rehabilitation, as well as describe the overall fitness and wellness proposition of Motion Fit
  • The colors signify strong, trusting relationships and calmness associated with physical and mental healing
  • The tag line “Keep on Moving” is the credo of Motion Fit to emphasize and inspire movement