A personal coach is your partner in your fitness journey. He or she not only designs and delivers the program for the goals you set together, but equally important, encourages and motivates you towards becoming stronger and fitter. Your coach will teach you the right form for the movements, and explains the basis and benefits. Thus, you will not only learn how to move; by understanding the rationale, you engage both body and mind in the workouts. You will get on-time and regular feedback from your coach so that adjustments are made as you continue the process. Improving in your health and fitness is ultimately being accountable for your self-care. Your coach knows that the process is at times challenging, and will support you with competence, compassion and communication.

The program we design for you, based on your individual needs and goals, is intended to deliver results. It is effective, which we define as “goals achieved in a healthy, sustainable manner, through a collaborative, engaging process, in a professional and trustworthy client-coach relationship.” The right results are measured not only on one dimension (e.g., weight ) but also on body composition, fat loss, muscle development, stamina improvement and increased trength, indicating real fitness, not just aesthetics.

Results are made possible by our design and delivery of the program, but must be matched by factors that are primarily influenced by the client’s own habits and decisions such as effort, frequency and consistency in the workout sessions, caloric intake and nutrition, and sleep/rest/recovery. Because the aim is for results that are sustainable, we do not offer quick fixes, fad diets or “trendy” workouts. We work with you to achieve results and develop a lifestyle conducive to health and fitness long-term.

Absolutely! A gym membership is not essential to our program. We design and deliver it based on what you have at your preferred location (e.g, home or office). Although a gym set-up does offer variety through the equipment available, it is not the primary basis of a successful program. We work with the resources available, including some household items that can be used for weights, etc. We do encourage you to make some reasonable investments in items such as resistance bands, mats, dumbbells, etc that can speed up the process for results and remain useful for your fitness lifestyle.

Internet connection is essential, and a good one that doesn’t drop frequently is desirable. We do adjust to some connection interruptions during the workout, but of course, it is much better if the pace of our session doesn’t get disrupted frequently. Not to worry – together, we can find ways to adapt and adjust as needed.

You need to provide sufficient space that will allow you to move comfortably and safely for the exercises. Provide for a workout or yoga mat, ventilation and lighting, as well as adequate privacy for you to focus on the workout.

Similar to the question above regarding gym membership, we wll work with the equipment and other items available in your preferred location, thus we will ask you about these prior to the start of the program.

Yes, we give consideration to unavoidable or justifiable reasons. We are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals, and will support you when certain  unavoidable things require you to miss a few sessions. Do let us know ahead so we can adjust the program accordingly. We do want you to resume sooner rather than later so as not to break momentum or lose the gains you’ve obtained from the workouts.

We will find out first about the type of injury, the pace and stage of your healing, prescription and other information from your doctor. These are necessary information for us to design a program that safely limits impact on the injury. Our physical therapy/rehabilitation services can also help by providing corrective exercises for mobility improvement, stabilization, strengthening, balance and/or flexibility. We will work with your doctor or healthcare provider to ensure that the program is well-designed for safety and addresses concerns effectively.

Motion Fit’s Strength and Conditioning/Sports Athletic Training program helps our clients who are athletes or recreational sports practitioners become stronger and faster, and less prone to injury in their games or competitions. The program can be delivered onsite (e.g., in one’s gym) or online.

Our online training program is based on the philosophy and process of the Motion Fit Training System. Our clients can expect the same attention to their fitness needs in the online set up as it would be onsite. We design the program based on movement screening and fitness test results, and tailor-fit its delivery to the athlete/client’s goals and lifestyle needs

We maximize the use of available fitness implements at home and even use household equipment where appropriate. Essentially, we teach our athlete/client to handle his or her body weight properly. We help him or her improve mobility and flexibility, teach how to control and stabilize, and get stronger to move explosively. Our strength and conditioning program is designed for high transferability to the athlete/client’s specific sport.