Fitness Learning

Training in Motion: Coaches/Trainers Development Courses

These are designed to help our fellow fitness professionals enhance their knowledge and skills in fitness training. Motion Fit aims to be their trusted partner in delivering quality service and results for their clientele.

We offer the following:

    • Process Standardization Program
      Coaches and trainers learn to create and apply a system in their training programs that best addresses their clients’ invididual fitness assessments and goals
    • Training Methods for Coaches
      These courses equip the particpants with knowledge and skills on different training methods to make their clients’ workouts effective and efficient.

      • Functional Training
      • Strength and Conditioning
      • Sports-specific Strength and Conditioning

Health and Wellness Talks/Seminars

Motion Fit gives health/wellness talks to groups, organizations and companies about living fit and healthy. We share ways to overcome bad habits such as unhealthy eating, smoking, drinking and inactive lifestyles. We discuss how people can get started on positive habits for fitness such as exercising more, eating properly, drinking more water, managing stress levels, and having enough rest.

Youth Sports Training Program

Motion Fit recognizes the role of the youth and the importance of fitness in nation-building. We also believe that the youth are the future of the fitness industry, and it is our advocacy to empower them and fire up their potentials for sports. We set up sports clinics, exercise classes and training programs for the youth in selected communities.