Online Services

Our Online Services are guided – in design and execution – by the philosophy and process of the Motion Fit Training System. We keep safety in mind always, and ensure frequent communication for feedback and progress checks.

Our Online Services respond to the unique challenges and constraints of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize both the need to keep safe from potential exposure, and the necessity of keeping healthy and fit for stronger immunity. The online channel for our services helps ensure that we comply with guidelines on physical distancing and quarantine restrictions while delivering results for our online clients.

a. Home Fit in Motion Online Training

    • Home Fit in Motion Online Training is ideal for those who want to train but have flexibility in location to suit their lifestyles. We adapt the program to the venue (e.g., your home), and availability of exercise aids in your location, while keeping the program goals in mind.
      • Personal Training
      • Strength and Conditioning Training
      • Buddy Sessions
      • Group Exercise Classes

b. Motion Physical Therapy/Rehab Online

    • The same excellence of process, dedication and compassion to help patients regain mobility and functionality, delivered online.

c. Webinars for Fitness and Wellness Learning

    • Designed to address specific learning goals of fitness professionals and enthusiasts regarding fitness and wellness, delivered to the comfort of their homes through the online channel.